Service Apartments

8 Things to Look Out While Renting Service Apartments

Service Apartments

Ahmedabad is one of India’s fastest growing and developing cities, making it furthermore aspired city to live in. The rampant development is attracting many immigrants as well as businessmen seeking good place to stay and settled-down. NRIs also comprise of a huge chunk of visiting crowd for several social functions such as weddings and health purposes such as medical tourism.

In all such scenarios, Service Apartments turn out to be the best option to enjoy due privacy as well as stay connected to people around you.

But before you freeze over any service apartment, here are a few pointers you should consider…

1. Budget

Start off with the most important questions of all. How long is your stay and hence, What is the budget you have for the same?

According to U.S. Department of Housing and Development, one
should not spend more than 30% of annual income on renting a house.

You may as well apply this to service apartments but at times they are worth spending extra and going a bit off the budget guidelines if you manage to get well furnished, bigger space & better locality to live in.

2. Safety

Choosing a safe location almost tops the list of primary criterion when it comes to service apartments. So, you need to look for good, trusted and decently populated areas. To avoid any complications and last moment hassle, safer locations are always better.

You can get a good idea about the safety aspects by looking at the official websites and a small online research on the particular locality.

3. Near to Public Transport

Since you’ll be new to the city and the people; choosing a service apartment that lies around some mode of public transport, is always a good idea. This not only enhances the safety aspects of your stay but also boosts the financially viable modes of moving in and around the city.

Luckily Ahmedabad has a profuse network of BRTS buses that connect almost all major locations of the town.

Also looking out for places close to international banks, shopping malls, city attractions and restaurants adds to the aptness of the location. This will make your finance processes like shopping and transferring funds, easier.

4. Homely Environment

Though it is very difficult to tangibly quantify, looking out for service apartments with homely feel and ambience makes a lot of sense. Even if everything else is perfect, an absence of good homely vibe might amount to a serious reason for emotional and psychological dissatisfaction.

This helps a lot in making your stay comfortably mesmerizing with your loved ones.

India is universally celebrated as one of the most welcoming and warmly-greeting places and so is its Ahmedabad city. So, the easy tuning up and friendly reception by the locales would blend in with your homely warmth in no time.

5. Credibility of Venue

Credibility is not easy to gain. It takes a time & commitment.

Choosing a credible venue for the service apartment means getting what you expect and that too with pleasant consistency. If the place becomes close to your heart and if it holds good memories, you always shall be motivated to come back the next time. That precisely why they say, “Home is where the heart is”.

6. Facilities

Before finalizing any studio or service apartment, you must have a detailed inquiry about the facilities and the monetary aspects around it. For e.g. Electricity, Elevator, On-site Restaurant, TV, Internet, AC, Laundry, Refrigerator, etc. With this information, you’ll get a better idea of what you would get.

Also look for the best places wherein you get spacious and wonderfully architected apartments. This shall ease your stress and strain while staying.

7. Cost of Living

A little different from the basic budgeting; cost of living points at the expenses that come by, as you start living. Petrol expenses, food expenses, water utilities, laundry expenses, etc. these costs might not seem to be a big issue during shorter stay, but become very vital when it comes to a long one.

Before finalizing, please ensure that the cost of living in the city and in the service apartment is in-tune with what you plan.

8. Options to leave

Always have a plan B, landing on the right place, at the first go, might be a fancy idea in most of the cases. So, if you choose a service apartment, make sure that the terms and conditions of leaving that place are not too stringent and heavy on finances; if you may like to go for other options.

Doing some advance research and have a back-up plan for service apartments makes a lot more sense than considering your visit to be a single point-contact.


These points are shortlisted on the basis of some research online and some practical understandings of service apartments. This is not an exhaustive list and you may have a different take at it than mentioned. This content only intends to help you in the process of finalizing the service apartment.

You can also list down your requirements at first and then discuss the same with prospective owner.

If you have any experience or other tips to look out for service apartment, please do share below in the comment section.